Thursday, 23 February 2017

Review: Reaper Filth Beast, aka Beast of Nurgle

This is a Reaper Bones Dark Heaven Filth Beast which I have painted up as a Beast of Nurgle.

It is one of Reaper's polymer models retailing typically in the UK for about £2.75. To give an idea of scale, the model is mounted on a 50mm base.

Reaper Bones miniatures are made of a soft, light polymer but unlike polyethylene it is not greasy so it sticks easily with superglue and does not resist paint. The material is very robust but not easy to cut or shape. However the molding is excellent with no obvious  lines.

I vastly prefer this mini to the official GW model, which is currently unavailable and I doubt if it will sell for £2.75!
I love the disease/reproduction pods along the side.

It comes without a base: I modelled this one with milliput and GW slime paint or Nurgle's Rot, as they name it.

Highly recommended

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Review Age of Sigmar: Skull Keep - A Curate's Egg

Chaos Dreadhold: Skull Keep is a Games Workshop plastic kit retailing for £45.

First Impressions: when you open the box are of a typical Games Workshop terrain piece made of chunky bits of plastic.

Manufacturing Quality: Pretty crummy, as I've come to expect from GW Terrain pieces. Nothing fits together properly. If you blow up my photos you will see that the walls almost touch. I deliberately didn't use plastic filler on this build.

Design Quality: Very good, there is nothing quite like this in plastic from any one else. It looks great with lots of nobbly bits. An imaginative piece to act as a great centre piece in a variety of scenarios.

Suitability For Wargaming: Excellent, it is tough, light and has plenty of room to get models on. And it breaks down into halves to put models on the first floor. All this makes it easy to store and transport.

Value For Money: Sigh, about average. £45 is a great deal of moolah for a cheaply produced,  simple kit of dubious manufacturing quality, even if it is nicely designed and well thought out as a wargame piece.

Recommended?: Hmm, depends. If you really, really fancy it then go ahead but be prepared for a lousy build and a hole in your wallet.

Note: I used the 'Red' (second from left) Humbrol multi spray to get a shimmer effect on the model. It doesn't really show up in still photos but the colour changes depending on the angle at which sunlight reflects off the surface. I assume this is a variant of a 'structural colouration' effect - like a butterfly's wing.

The painting technique is simple: Spray with black primer, coat with black gloss, and then spray on the multi-effect.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Battlefront at Rochester

Battlefront Games are best known for their hugely successful WWII game, Flames of War, but they have recently produced two other armour war games that show every sign of emulating the popularity of their illustrious predecessor.

The first is Team Yankee, as shown above, a Cold War battlegame.

And the second is Tanks, a skirmish level WWII tank battles game.

Both of the new games are simpler than the original FoW, in line with the modern trend towards streamlined wargames that can be played to completion in a couple of hours.

 Matt Sulley, Customer Service Manager at Battlefront UK, braved the arctic conditions to spend the day as Guest of Honour at a special open day at Rochester Games dedicated to all three products. He was surrounded by fans all day. Matt, second from right, is here seen discussing some of the latest Team Yankee models .

Rochester Games is becoming well known for putting on these 'specials', dedicated to a game or company and they attract a great deal of interest.

Turnout was rewardingly high, once again.

Friday, 3 February 2017


I've been shooting some photos for friends, and I couldn't resist playing around with Paint Shop Pro.

The models are Arcworlde and Pegasus.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

They'll Always Be An England: Operation Sea Lion

"The year is 1940, and the German invasion of Britain has begun. With this new campaign book for Bolt Action, players can fight the battles of World War II's greatest 'what if' scenario. Defend the cliffs of Dover and the beaches of Kent from wave after wave of German landing craft. Parachute into the Home Counties in a surgical strike to capture Winston Churchill. Rally the Home Guard in a last, desperate attempt to keep England free of the Nazi invaders! Containing new rules, scenarios, and unit types covering all of the unique features of this alternate history campaign, it offers a chance for all Bolt Action players to truly rewrite the history of World War II."

The Campaign Sea Lion supplement for Bolt Action is finished and at the printers. It is on target for the May 18th release date: see link on sidebar.

I am very pleased with this one: it has new vehicles....

It has new armies.

As well as new rules for some much loved old ones.

In fact there are lots of new armies and rules. We have really let ourselves go. The VBCW crowd who use Bolt Action are going to find much useful 'stuff'' here.

Bolt Action as its never been before.

New scenarios, new types of scenarios, new types of vehicles, new characters................And lots of new models to grace your wargame tables.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Mighty Maus

Warlord Games have just released the Pz VIII Maus in 1:56 scale.

The Maus was one of those lunatic German obsessions with gargantuism that bedevilled their war effort.

Only two hulls for this 188 tonnes superheavy tank were built before the factory was overrun by the T34s of the Red Army. It had a 128mm main gun and a 75mm as secondary armament.

The Maus made no sense at all either as a battle tank for real or on the wargaming table but, you know, I am going to buy one anyway.

Just gotta be done.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Medway Club's VBCW Xmas Charity Game

Spode's Blackshort Legion (aka your humble scribe) have kidnapped father Xmas from Maidstone's John Lewis aqnd have him hostage at Little Wimpington as part of their demands of a British Bicycle for every British Worker and the railway gauge to be widened so sheep can stand sideways in the waggons.

Spode's WWI artillery piece, liberated from the Royal Engineers Museum, threatens a suspicious looking milk float who identifies himself as 'Ernie, the fastest milkman in the south'.

Unfortunately, the umpire ruled that Spode's air support has frozen up and is unserviceable - boo, hiss.

The Maidstone BUF block the road to Little Wimpington in support of The Blackshorts.

The Post Office Socialist Militia are tasked to storm Little Wimpington and rescue Father Xmas but they first have to hold a meeting to discuss terms and conditions.

Nazi Paratroops unexpectedly drop in to Little Wimpington to take Father Xmas into protective custody, sparking a firefight with Spode's chaps.

Then an armed unit of the Met Police Special Branch infiltrate the village and open fire on everybody.

Then it turns out that Father Xmas has magical allies from the North Pole who ride a self track laying train. This umpire is barmy!

Then up pop killer penguins and snowmen: this is getting tricky.

An armed squad of Kent Police arrive in Little Wimpington and start a jurisdiction dispute with the Met.

Apparently there's been an escape from the local Zoo.

A flying Anglian Mechanised Column.

The Nazi Stormtroopers capture Father Xmas and march him out of the village, protected by air support: Goering's breeding programme has obviously gone well.

Many thanks to Graham, fourth from left, and Mik, fifth from left, for such a memorable evening.

We raised more than £150 for the Royal British Legion.